Weed Control & Fertilizers Jacksonville, FL

Our certified team at Pro Lawn Plus in Jacksonville, FL, specializes in weed control. Weeds are fast-growing plants that we don't want in our landscape. If they show up in the lawn they use more than their share of nutrients and water. Thousands of weed seeds lie dormant in the soil waiting for the right opportunity to start growing. New seeds settle in the soil all the time, being blown in either by the wind or carried in by birds or other animals. Although no lawn can be weed free all the time, we at Pro Lawn Plus are able to help control your weeds so they will not steal nutrients and water from your grass and plants. There are different types of weeds, broadleaf and grassy. Broadleaf weeds are weeds like chickweed and dollarweed can be controlled more easily than grassy weeds although some broadleaf weeds like, dove weed can be harder to control and may need more treatments. Most grassy weeds can be treated with specialized applications. Your technician will advise you of possible treatments available, but spot treating grassy weeds is always an option. We customize our treatments of your weeds depending on the types of weeds we find on your property. It also depends on pervasiveness of the weeds, your lawn's condition, and time of year. One of our technicians will inspect your lawn and identify the weeds so that we may suggest to you ways to keep the weeds under control. If you have a thick and healthy lawn weed seeds naturally remain dormant. As long as you keep up with your lawn care this will remain. When lawns begin to thin because they're not being cared for properly, this is when we begin to see weeds. Weed Control is a multi-step process. A weed control product will be applied to get rid of most of the existing weeds. We will also perform preventative control in order to aid in the reduction of germinating weeds during the seasons these weeds are most likely to grow. Next we will be building up the lawns health and vitality to create a naturally thick lawn that will help reduce growing and sprouting of seeds. Our experienced and skillful technicians will examine your lawn and soil to determine the best way to improve your lawn. Our technicians are so experienced, they will customize your treatments to fit your unique lawn. We also do follow-up visits to make sure the treatment is working and the weeds are being reduced. If weeds are an issue for your lawn, please contact one of our skillful technicians at Pro Lawn Plus in Jacksonville, FL, today to learn how to rid your lawn of unnecessary weeds. Another one of the most important aspects of lawn care is fertilization. Without fertilizers your lawn would not be able to thrive as well. At Pro Lawn Plus in Jacksonville, FL, we know fertilizing and how to help make your lawn beautiful again. Fertilizer is a common term that describes a group of elements that grass plants require to grow. The main ingredients of fertilizer are nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. There are also many other trace elements important for proper growth and strong root development. Even though many nutrients are found in the soil naturally, the most essential nutrients for growth are depleted quickly making fertilizer necessary. In time, these deficiencies begin showing results in thinning lawns of poor color and an increase in weeds, insect infestations, and possible diseases. A regular feeding program based on your grass type, the type of soil, and weather conditions is required to maintain a beautiful, healthy lawn. Fertilizing is important. Selecting the correct feeding times means diagnosing your lawns current condition and anticipating its needs in the future seasons is important to develop a timetable for your lawn's nutrition. We provide your lawn with a balanced diet of nutrients and important elements designed to gradually feed your long over a long period of time. Too much fertilizer can cause rapid growth and a weaker plant. There are even some grass types that can be damaged by too much fertilizer. One of our key products is Physiocal. Physiocal contains a Natural Calcified Seaweed. It is five times more soluble and four times more available than other liming materials. Fluid lime is a term that is generally used to describe the concept of suspending liming materials of various types in either water or fertilizer solutions. This means the Physiocal provides better fertilizer efficiency and nutrient availability and enhanced plant response to environmental and biotic stress factors. It also improves the soil structure. While fertilizers are important in keeping lawns healthy and full of life, there is more to lawn care than just fertilizer. We build lawns from the roots up. This product is offered as part of your program. If you're looking for lawn care company that knows its fertilizers and can customize a great plan based on your unique lawn, contact us at Pro Lawn Plus in Jacksonville, FL, to get a green and thriving lawn. Contact us today to learn more!