Tree & Shrub Care Jacksonville, FL

Tree & Shrub care is one of our specialty services. If you're looking for a lawn care company that has a lot of experience in dealing with the care of trees and shrubs, Pro Lawn Plus in Jacksonville, FL, has the experience to make your trees and shrubs thrive with health again. We offer a complete commitment to the beauty and health of your trees and shrubs. As the seasons change, trees and shrubs need to be taken care of just as your lawn does. Each of the trees and shrubs on your landscape represent a valuable investment that you've put into your landscape which can add value and beauty to your property. But each new season brings insect, disease and weather problems that can damage or even destroy the beauty and health of your landscape. Our experienced technicians are the best in the business and can be trusted to inspect and manage the health of your trees and shrubs. With each season, we monitor and treat insect disease activity on all plants covered in our program. This program also provides time-release fertilization so that your plants may grow and thrive. We offer a Basic Tree and Shrub Care Program which contains four services in a full year. These four services coincide with the seasons. We use a balanced time release fertilization for the duration of the Spring, insect and might control, and a disease control if needed. During the warm months of the Summer we perform fertilization with micronutrients, insect and mite control, and disease control as needed. In the late summer we do the balanced time release fertilization again, insect and might control, and disease control if needed. During the Late Fall we control insects by using a dormant oil spray, eggs, and fungal spores. We also offer our Deluxe Tree and Shrub Care Program. This program is a full year with six services that include all of the advantages of the Basic Program plus an early Spring preemeergent weed control application in plant beds. The additionally application helps prevent more weeds from growing. We also do a dormant oil spray if needed to control insects and eggs. Also incorporated is during the Fall we perform the preemergent weed control application again. If you'd like to keep your landscape trees and shrubs at their best, Pro Lawn Plus in Jacksonville, FL, provides the best quality in tree & shrub care. Call the name your neighbors trust for quality care of your growing landscape investment.