Lawn Care Jacksonville, FL

If it's great lawn care you're looking for we, Pro Lawn Plus of Jacksonville, FL. We offer two programs of lawn care. Your lawn can be beautiful again with our help. Don't be afraid to leave your lawn in our hands. You will always be thrilled with the work we perform. Our Deluxe Lawn Care program is a full year with nine services. These services include a granular fertilizer and liquid feedings to promote vibrant lawns with a lively root system. We also do a preemergent broadleaf and grassy weed control. These applications are done in both fall and spring to alleviate weed pressure and intrusion on your lawn. Pro Lawn Plus also offers control for broadleaf weeds. This means that we do ongoing tailored applications to help your lawn get rid over 150 broadleaf weeds that may intrude because of heavy rains and other factors. Additionally to all of this we perform insect control on your lawn. These automatic applications of insect controls are formulated for chinchbugs, sod webworms, grubs, mole crickets and other turf damaging insects. Along with the insect control we also do disease control. Say goodbye to any fungus which may attack your lawn. Pro Lawn Plus also does core aeration. Core aeration is done throughout the growing season and aids in the controlling of thatch buildup while also relieving the compaction of soil. Aeration is great for your lawn because it loosens the soil which helps improve airflow and increases microbial growth and water penetration. Aeration additionally aids in the process of getting fertilizer into the roots so that your plants and grass flourish. Our second program is our Custom Lawn Care Program. This is a full year of twelve services that includes everything in the Deluxe program plus an additional aeration, nutsedge controls, few and tick and fire and control, while also giving you some peace of mind with free service calls. Pro Lawn Plus of Jacksonville, FL, can give you the beautifully vigorous lawn you've always dreamed of. If your lawn has thinned out and lost its color, you might be in need of one of our lawn care programs. Our lawn care technicians are the best in the area. No one beats our experience and passion for what we do. We can bring your lawn back to life. Give us a call today to talk one of our experienced and skillful lawn care technicians.