Insect & Disease Control Jacksonville, FL

One of our most popular services we provide here at Pro Lawn Plus in Jacksonville, FL, is Disease & Insect Control. In the case that you need help with your insect and disease issues, we can help you. Our Perimeter Pest Control program helps create a barrier around the exterior of your home that repels insect pests from coming inside. The treatment will help in preventing the insects from coming inside. This treatment lasts 120-180 days. Many customers' favorite part of this treatment is that because it is on the outside of their home they don't have to be home for our technicians to come and treat exterior of their home. We also offer a termite protection program because the city of Jacksonville is heavily infested by these critters. Our control uses a treatment that acts like a bait formulation but is more effective. It transfers from termite to termite and usually provides 100% termite control for long periods of time in as little as 90 days. You wont have to worry about all the damage they may cause to your home any longer. While insects inside the house are a huge issue, insects outside your home may also pose an issue. A lawn is naturally filled with all kinds of insects. Most are harmless and beneficial, but there are several insects that can cause problems and even damage or kill your turf if left unchecked. Our certified technicians are able to help rid you of these issues so that your lawn can thrive without being damaged by insects. We will be able to inspect your lawn and come up with the best plan of action. Pro Lawn Plus additionally provides many added services that can help solve lawn problems such as diseases that may affect your lawn. This includes most common and some uncommon lawn diseases. Your professional Pro Lawn Plus technician will always be looking for the beginning stages of disease and alert you to these problems. Some diseases will run their course and in a short period of time it will be remedied. Other lawn diseases are more serious and will need attention immediately to avoid losing major portions of your lawn. Disease control is part of both the Standard and Deluxe Lawn Care Programs. If you think you have a lawn disease or a pest issue call us immediately. We at Pro Lawn Plus in Jacksonville, FL, are the best in Disease & Insect Control. We'll be happy to give you a free lawn analysis and evaluation and a no-obligation estimate. Call us today to speak to one of our experienced technicians.